About Us

WE China Industrial Competitive Intelligence is a famous national research agency committed to the study on various industries in China and aimed at serving the foreign investors with the backing of the Almanac of China's economy of Development Research Centre of the State Council and an authoritative think-tank composed of experts and professors coming from Development Research Centre of the State Council, China’s Society of Competitive Intelligence and business college of Renmin University Of China.

WE are a comprehensive service platform which provides:

  • Authoritative intelligence on china macroeconomic analysis
  • Current development situation and tendencies of various industries in China
  • Explanation of foreign capital admittance policy and market competitive landscape research

Our Customers:

  • Top Fortune 500 companies
  • Chamber of commerce in various countries
  • Global venture capital investment institutions
  • Foreign missions or consulates in China
  • Think-tank both at home and aboard that long-term focuses on China economy

As the leading research institute of China economic information, we provide customized services for our customer by which you can get a comprehensive understanding of China market. We make researches on prophase opportunities, market access, risks and project feasibility for your rational investment in China and provide you advanced strategy consulting services which can help you enhance your strength in China market.