Our advantage

Member of China Economic Report Project Group

China Economic Report Project Group Industrial Development Report was established with the backing of China Industrial Development Tracking Study Project of the Industry Ministry of Development Research Centre of the State Council

China Industrial Development Tracking Study Project is a long term and large scale project held by the Development Research Centre of the State Council, it is a high-level, authoritative and advanced study project in China which has integrated in-depth study and practical application. During the past 7 years, 24 quarters of industrial tracking study reports of the project have been consecutively completed and a series of in-depth industrial research reports have been successfully accomplished. Many foreign investors, top Fortune 500 companies, chamber of commerce in various countries and foreign missions or consulates in China think highly of its research findings and it has been considered as the most authority finding that well reflected the trend of China Industrial development.

Authoritative Industrial Research and Perspective Model

Through our cooperation with advanced foreign research institutes during recent years, the most advanced study methods has been introduced and applied to the project, the very original perspective analysis model ¨C China Industrial Growth Index ¨C has been successfully designed and operated while the accurate perspective model of key industries such as power, oil, coal, steel and automobile will be established in the near future. The analysis and perspective model of China Industrial Growth Index has already been established and put into use with good results in practical, based on which a series of two products ¨C Industrial Tracking Study Report and In-depth Industrial Research Report ¨C has been formed.

Authoritative, accurate and strong support of database £¨CI-DATA£©

We have the most authoritative database in China that collects all kinds of information between National Bureau of Statistics and ministries by which we can timely get economic data index of every region in every month.

Expert resources and good partnership with relevant organizations

Through long term and wide range accumulation, the relationship between Industrial Report Research Center, experts and relevant industrial association - such as steel, automobile, nonferrous metal, oil, natural gas, traffic and transportation, household appliances and light industry associations, etc - has been kept in a good condition. There is a powerful expert team for the Industrial Report Research Center.

In-depth Involvement and interaction of government policy maker and enterprises executives

We regularly organize communication meetings for our customer, face to face we hear their suggestions and comments. We have also established optimum interactive and project involvement system with 28 foreign embassy officials in Beijing and 300+ senior executives of foreign-funded enterprises. Their participation truly reflect our customers¡¯ requirements.