Research Project on the Market Development and Business Development of Value-added Data Service (VADs) of China Telecom Industry

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    ¡¾Project Idea and Requirements¡¿
    With the continuous decline of charges and the implementation of one-way charge system as well as the diversified ways of communications, the trend of low charges becomes more and more obvious, and various leading operators also speed up their development of VADs. The VADs market of China telecom operators maintained a rapid growth in 2008, new technologies together with new businesses promoted the development of China telecom value-added services. There are rapid developments in polyphonic ringtone, WAP, MMS, and many other service sectors except for traditional mobile value-added service ¨C SMS. From the perspective of application, corporate customer oriented value-added services combined with entertainment functions have won recognition from the market.
    Global financial crisis has caused suddenly changes in both the exterior and the interior environments of economy since 2008 and with the great changes of economy and society, the structure and capability of the consumer group of telecom value-added service are also changing at the same time. Various value-added service providers are vigorously adjusting their product structure and service model.
    In the face of market changes and competitions, our customer (a telecom VADs provider) need to know the current development situation of VADs market, and they asked us to draw up a development planning (feasibility analysis) for VADs which has great development potential in order to help them make decisions on business development and related investment in the future. Our customer lay great importance on the exterior and interior development environment, market segments, competitors, competitive landscape, market scale, market forecast and development trend of VADs.
    ¡¾Chinacir¡¯s Solutions¡¿
    Centered on customer requirements, we draw up solutions as follows:
    1. Build up a special-purpose research group
    Centered on customer requirements, we arrange 5 experts (in the fields of macro economy, telecom industry, statistical and financial analysis) to be responsible for the overall planning and research of this project.
    2. Specific solutions determined by the research group
    The research group will hold a meeting to discuss the implementation step, time schedule and division of labor. Implementation steps include: draw up research framework, market research, data compilation, writing report, completion work.
    Research framework includes: (1) The development situation of VADs of China telecom industry (2) 2009-2012 Research on the development environment (include policy environment, technical environment, market environment, competitive environment and macro economic environment) and trend of VADs of China telecom industry  (3) 2009-2012 Research on the market development and trend of VADs of China telecom industry (include the current situation and variation trend as well as forecast on supply and demand, price, market segments, market scale, competitors and competitive landscape) (4) Analysis on the product development trend of VADs of China telecom industry (we carried out analysis and forecast on the most profitable products and the most valuable products with huge market potential in the future on the basis of our research group¡¯s in-depth understanding on VADs of China telecom industry) (5) Centered on ****** (project customer) the development planning of VADs (include business development planning and design of valuable products at presents and products with great market potential in the future, we carried out product analysis, feasibility analysis, project development steps analysis on the above 2 kinds of services and planning design) .
    3. The research group shall carry out program as planned
    This process includes market research, data processing and report compilation (include PPT).
    Among which market research was completed by our primary data acquired from field research through our in-depth analysis of related enterprises on the basis of secondary data obtained from industry associations, interview records with industry experts, relevant state ministries, National Bureau of Statistics, National Library of China and other institutions.
    4. Communication and completion work after the project
    After the completion of this research project, we communicated with our customer, answered their questions and made amendments to project research centered on new circumstances and new ideas from our customer in order to improve the accuracy of this research project and enable our planning proposal to be more in accordance with the development situation of our customer.
    This research report can be provided in WORD or PPT with 130 pages in total, research objects and data sources are several domestic enterprises, related industry associations, National Development and Reform Committee, National Library of China, etc. Questions concerned by our customer have been comprehensively solved through our 20 working days of research work on the basis of objective data and massive interview records.
    ¡¾Key Research Tools¡¿
    Analysis method of Industrial Chain Model
    Analysis model of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
    Analysis method of Michael Porters Five Forces Model centered on industry competition
    Analysis method of Product Life Cycle
    Chinacir¡¯s (regional) potential market scale forecasting method
    Investment feasibility analysis method combined risks with benefits
    ¡¾Overall Evaluation by Our Customer¡¿
    This project is clear in project thinking, logical in specific contents and trustworthy in research results with careful and comprehensive work conducted by our research personnel. The project has been completed according to planned schedule with full ranges of research fields, logical analysis of macroeconomic operation and price variation and full and accurate analysis of competitive landscape as well as estimation and calculation on potential market scale through Chinacir¡¯s own forecasting method.
    Generally speaking, the project meets our customer¡¯s requirements, the analysis in accordance with typical competitive enterprises enable our customer to have a further understanding of their competitive environment and to make rational, feasible and effective investment and development strategies which provide significant references for decision-making on VADs in the future.
    Chinacir¡¯s Database and industry database
    Interview records with related enterprises, industry associations and experts within the industry
    2009 In-depth Research on China Telecom Value-added Service Market and Analysis of Influence Factors on Price