2009 In-depth research on China pharmaceuticals industry and the influence factors on its price

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    ¡¾Project Background¡¿
    With the healthcare system reform and the continuous growth of per-capita disposable income, China pharmaceuticals industry maintained a rapid development in 2008 and the first half of 2009 with a huge development prospect in the future and under the context of sluggish global pharmaceuticals market. However, fierce competition of production capacity, low utilization ratio and technology level, lacking of core competence are problems existing in China pharmaceuticals industry that can not be ignored. As people¡¯s demand for new drugs continue to increase and the rise of emerging pharmaceuticals markets, e.g. India, the above problems may have certain impact on the rapid development of China pharmaceuticals industry.
    The price of medicines is an important issue which is vital to the people's livelihood. China has adjusted the guide prices on essential drug list for many times in order to reduce the cost on medical treatment for their people, however, the price of raw materials did not decline and the price soaring of VC in 2008 made great fortune overnight. Therefore, in-depth analysis on medicines and variations on the price of raw materials is significant for pharmaceuticals companies to make investment decisions.
    Chinacir carried out Research on China Pharmaceuticals Industry and the Influence Factors on Its Price to help our customer understand the current development of pharmaceuticals industry and seize strategic opportunities.
    ¡¾Chinacir¡¯s Research Approach and Main Contents¡¿
    Base on customer requirements. we draw up research approaches as follows:
    1. To organize personnel to carry out research on domestic pharmaceuticals companies
    In-depth analysis and survey on Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Northeast Pharmaceuticals and many other companies has been carried out through our own resources and channels. Primary data on the production, operation, marketing network, patents, development of new products, technology R&D, development planning, etc. of pharmaceuticals companies has been acquired.
    2. To organize personnel to collect data and information of overseas companies
    Data and information of 10 companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer has been collected through our own overseas financial data platform, related consulting reports and networks. In-depth analysis on the development situation of overseas market has been carried out.
    3. To organize personnel to carry out research on various regional markets
    Research and survey on main distributors and the demand situation in various regional markets has been carried out through our own resources and channels.
    Main contents of this research report:
    1. The basic background of and development introduction to pharmaceuticals industry
    2. Analysis on the demand situation of overseas pharmaceuticals industry
    3. An introduction to the situation of production and demand of domestic pharmaceuticals industry
    4. Analysis on the price trend and its influence factors of domestic pharmaceuticals products
    5. Analysis and trend forecasting on the import and export market for China pharmaceuticals industry
    6. 2009 In-depth analysis on the influence of the supply situation of the upstream raw materials on the price trend of pharmaceuticals industry
    7. 2009 Trend forecasting on the overall performance of China pharmaceuticals industry
    8. Analysis on the investment risks and feasibilities of China pharmaceuticals industry
    9. Chinacir¡¯s conclusions
    ¡¾Customer Feedback¡¿
    The project has been executed in accordance with our customer¡¯s requirements with full ranges of research areas. The objective, actual and effective research and survey on the market, enterprises and consumers and policy explaination are significant references for our customer to make decisions on their development strategies.
    Our market research and development trend survey enables our customer to have more information on the development trend of the market,
    Chinacir¡¯s Database and industry database
    Data and information of the Development Research Center of the State Council
    Corporate research data on Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other companies
    Data and information of 2008 China Pharmaceuticals Conference
    Data and information of 2008 China Pharmaceuticals Technologies Conference