Research Project on Steam Coal Market & the Implementation Progress of Coal and Electricity Linkage

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    Project Background
    The target of the implementation of coal and electricity linkage is to let the price of electricity, as well as the price of coal, reflect the shortage of resources and the cost of environment in order to improve the utilization efficiency of energy which can not be realized by man-made reduction on electricity price. Controlled price can not change the overall supply situation due to the shortage of energy and resources, it can only cause a soaring in demand under the convoluted price. The price of electricity should have been higher and in fact it is not, therefore the price will go higher in the future than we expected, i.e., the scarcer resources in the future will certainly cause a higher price of electricity.
    But for now, the price of coal and electricity will remain the same for a certain period of time, and we believe that, from the perspective of macro economy, Chinas electrical companies need to improve their business performance by increase the price of electricity and we think the timing for a price adjustment is yet to come, or we should say, it does not seem like another rise in price would take place this year. Our reasons for this conclusion are as follows:
    First, there is barely a reasonable cause for China to carry out another price increase when all the electrical companies are earning profits.
    Second, a price increase of electricity at present may cause a surge in the price of steam coal in China.
    To see from the long run, China will undoubtedly accelerate the reform of power market and improve the price mechanism for power and electricity as well as perfectly link up the steam coal market with coal and electricity linkage.
    Project Contents
    Based on project background and communications with our customer, we draw up our project contents as follows:
    1. An overview on China coal resources
    2. Analysis on macroscopic influence factors on China steam coal
    3. Analysis on the demand for China steam coal
    4. Analysis on the supply for China steam coal
    5. Analysis on the transportation of China steam coal
    6. Analysis on the price of China steam coal
    7. 2009 Analysis on coal and electricity linkage
    8. Research on the mechanism of overseas coal and electricity linkage
    9. Research on the related problems of coal and electricity linkage and its development
    10. 2009-2013 Forecast on the prospect for the implementation of coal and electricity linkage
    The above contents reflect the current steam coal market and the situation of coal and electricity linkage of China with complete hierarchy and deliberate thoughts.
    Implementation Effect
    During the progress of project promotion, we, Chinacir provide complete forecast on the current situation of steam coal market and coal and electricity linkage in accordance with the characteristics of our customer and the industry theyve been involved in. We also keep close contact with our customer after the completion of the project and continue to carry out monitoring service for them. We have established a long-term cooperative relationship with our customer.
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