Products & Services

As the top economic research institute in China, we have huge government resources and a strong research team composed of domestic top ranked experts and scholars. Based on years of research and experience accumulating£¬we have formed our own speciality, authority and advantages in the following fields:

  • Advising on foreign capital entering into China market
  • We help you get a clear understanding of China macro-economic trends by our research on China macroscopic economy and political environment; We can also keep you from various political risks by our in-depth research on China¡¯s policy, laws and standards on foreign capital. We have established favorable partnership with China's major ministry offices and Development and Reform Commission of every province and city of China. We can assure you an accurate grasp of investing direction through our pre-project research on China market.
  • Investment opportunities, risks and feasibility study services of China market
  • China's economy is now enjoying a golden period of rapid development, it has become the worldwide focal point of economy and investment. We have been continuous monitoring on the development of more than 600 industries in China for 10 years, and have accumulated the most comprehensive and complete industrial database system (CI-DATA) of China. We have made in-depth research on China's emerging projects with good prospects as well as feasibility study on your investment project by which you can reduce your investment risk and maximize revenue.
  • Excellent investing project recommendation and credit research on your investment partner
  • We have a close cooperation with many countries¡¯ embassies in China, Chamber of Commerce all over the world, the World Bank, UNDP, the Asian Development Bank and many other agencies. We have resources of more than 100,000 key investment proposals of 300 cities of China, more than 200 national and provincial development zones and high-tech zones, we also provide a project releasing platform for the Chinese government, large enterprises and institutions with a fixed group of customer and a daily visit more than 10 million times. We can provide appropriate investment opportunities from China market which contains enormous commercial opportunity for you.
  • Research services of various industries and market intelligence of China
  • Rely on our systematic and comprehensive data accumulation of various industries in China and our strong team composed of experts and scholars, we can customize various industries and market intelligence related research services for you, including: