China Monitors Market Forecast Report, 2009

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[Special Note]

This is a customized report of which the contents can be revised and added to according to your specific requirements.

[Contents and outline of the report]

    ‐The conceive and value of this report/

    China Monitors industry has made great development during the year of 2008. In order to gain more profit from investment, domestic enterprises constantly improve their production capacity as well as product quality thus the domestic producing technology has been improved a lot, but with various adverse factors created by the international financial crisis, deteriorated exterior policy environment, increased price of upstream raw materials and contracted downstream demand, the overall situation and price movement of xx industry still draw much concern in China.

    International Economic Environment
    Will the influence of the international financial crisis become intensified in 2009?
    What will be the new directions for the international import and export market in 2009?
    How will the international industry shift affect China in 2009?

    Macroeconomic Environment
    Will the growth of China economy slow down in 2009? How far will it go?
    How will the inflation pressure of China be changed in 2009?
    What¨s the trend of China macroeconomic regulation in 2009?

    Monitors Industry Environment
    How¨s the growth of upstream material price for Monitors industry in 2009?
    What are the new directions for the downstream industry of Monitors in 2009? And what are the changes in market demand?
    What are the influence factors of Monitors prices in 2009? And what will be changed in the structure of demand & supply?

    In the year of 2009, the impact of international financial crisis will be more apparent on China which is gradually integrating into the global economy. Through the study of this report, you can catch a full vision of the development clue for China Monitors industry under the financial crisis in 2009 as well as make a reasonable judgment in its interior transmission mechanism from the aspects of international macroeconomic environment, industrial median environment and enterprise internal microenvironment. More importantly, the year of 2009 is critically important for the development of China Monitors industry, and the problem of how to shake off the negative impact of financial crisis and to view them as clues to development are the key factors that matters the development of China enterprises in 2010-2012.

    This report is based on the intelligence data that collected by China Industrial Competitive Intelligence Network resourcing market research, industrial statistic data, domestic and international enterprise interviews, Tech Lab technical progresses, professional periodical, center industry database (Ceir-Data) and so on. As a professional reference for China Monitors industry, we believe this report will help you a lot in making a business decision.

    ‐Data Specification/


    Chapter Background information and development introduction of the Monitors industry
     1. Comparative analysis on the current development of domestic and international Monitors industry
      1.1 Analysis on the key areas of global development
      1.2 Periodicity and phase analysis on global development
      1.3 The current development at home and comparative analysis on China and foreign countries
     2. Analysis on the upstream and downstream industry of China Monitors chains
      2.1 Introduction of Monitors industry chain model
      2.2 Analysis on Monitors industry chain model
       2.2.1 Analysis on the key link of Monitors industry
       2.2.2 A whole work analysis on the transmission mechanism of the industry chain
     3. Main segmentation of Monitors products and relative technical standards
     4. Application fields and substitutes analysis of main products of Monitors industry
     5. Comparative analysis on producing technology of Monitors industry
      5.1 Current situation of technology application
      5.2 Comparative analysis on the technology gap between China and foreign countries
      5.3 Outlook on the latest technological development
     6. Michael Porter¨s Five Forces analysis of China industrial development
      6.1 Introduction of Porter¨s Five Forces Model
      6.2 Porter¨s Five Forces analysis of Monitors industrial environment

    Chapter Å Demand analysis on foreign Monitors industry (2008)
    (This report, with an overall analysis on the foreign Monitors market, describes the demand situation, downstream demand structure and market share of foreign like products from the perspective of processing and marketing structure, the report also provides reference for import & export policy making as well as external market trends grasping. Our forecast on the development trends of external market for the next 2 years help you catch an all-round development vision on Monitors industry.)
     1. Overview of foreign product manufacturing in 2008
     2. Overall consumption of foreign products in 2008
     3. Analysis on key manufacturers of foreign products
     4. Features of downstream consumption areas for foreign products
     5. Forecast of foreign Monitors production and consumption in 2009-2010

    Chapter ‰ Introduction of demand for domestic Monitors industry
     1. Analysis on the aggregate supply of Monitors products in China
      1.1 Production of main areas
      1.2 Analysis on the trends of market supply and influence factors in 2000-2008
      1.3 Analysis on the increased capacity of Monitors industry in 2008
       1.3.1 Distribution of the increased production capacity
       1.3.2 Analysis on the overall market production in 2008
     2. Analysis on the overall consumption of domestic Monitors industry in 2008
      2.1 Analysis on regional consumer market
      2.2 Analysis on the trends of market demand and influence factors in 2000-2008
      2.3 Analysis on the areas of demand and market structure in 2008
       2.3.1 Analysis on the main required industry and the share of demand
       2.3.2 Analysis on the variation of downstream demand structure
     3. Analysis on key manufacturers of Monitors industry in China
    (Study from the perspective of internal financial target of enterprise, production capacity, competitive strategy and SWOT, we herein selected 2-3 domestic model enterprises for analysis)
     4. Analysis on the marketing firm of Monitors industry and domestic production trade
     5. Important project in progress and perspective projects of Monitors industry in 2008
      5.1 The distribution of the project in progress
      5.2 Analysis on the scale of the project in progress
     6. Perspective supply & demand structure of domestic Monitors products in 2009-2010
      6.1 Forecast of market supply (2009-2010)
      6.2 Forecast of market demand (2009-2010)
      6.3 Forecast and analysis of the main influence factors on demand & supply structure
    Chapter ♯ Analysis on the movement and influence of Monitors product price in China
     1. Overview on domestic products in 2007-2008
      1.1 Analysis on the overall trend of price movement in 2007-2008
      1.2 Analysis on factors affecting prices in 2007-2008
       1.2.1 Factor analysis on policy
       1.2.2 Factor analysis on market
       1.2.3 Factor analysis on technology
       1.2.4 Factor analysis on emergency
       1.2.5 Factor analysis on other aspects
     2. Analysis on the business model of China Monitors products
      2.1 Analysis on major distribution channels
      2.2 Analysis on price transmission mechanism
     3. Forecast of the price movement and influence factors of Monitors industry in 2009
      3.1 Forecast of price movement in 2009
       3.1.1 Price forecast of raw material
       3.1.2 Forecast of cost variance
       3.1.3 Forecast of the supply & demand structure
      3.2 The influence factors on Monitors industry price in 2009
       3.2.1 Analysis on the impact of global financial crisis
       3.2.2 The effect of RMB exchange rate fluctuation
       3.2.3 Analysis on the effect of global industry shift
       3.2.4 Analysis on other factors

    Chapter ♭ Analysis and forecast of the import & export market of China Monitors industry
     1. Market analysis on Asia, European Union and North American Free Trade Area
     2. Data analysis on domestic products in 2008
      2.1 Analysis on imported price
      2.2 Analysis on imported quantity structure
     3. Data analysis on domestic products in 2008
      3.1 Analysis on exported price
      3.2 Analysis on exported quantity structure
     4. Forecast of import & export situation of domestic products in 2009-2010
      4.1 Analytical prediction of the plus factor on the import & export market of Monitors industry in 2009-2010
      4.2 Analytical prediction of the adverse factor on the import & export market of Monitors industry in 2009-2010

    Chapter ♪ In-depth analysis on the impact of the upstream raw material supply on price movement in 2009
     1. Analysis on major raw material of Monitors products
     2. The supply and price of major raw material in 2007-2008
      2.1 Analysis on the price movement of major raw material
      2.2 Analysis on supply and production capacity of raw material industry
     3. Forecast of price and supply of major raw material in 2009-2010
      3.1 Forecast of price
      3.2 Forecast of supply
      3.3 Analysis on the bargaining power of upstream raw material industry

    Chapter † Forecast of the overall business trend of China Monitors industry in 2009
     1. Expected market profit in 2009-2010
      1.1 Analysis on major financial indicators of Monitors industry
      1.2 Forecast of earnings and influence factors on Monitors market
     2. Investment and operation model of production and marketing enterprises in China
     3. Strength analysis on domestic and foreign sales of products

    Chapter ‡ The investment risk and feasibility analysis on China Monitors project
     1. Notes for technology application
     2. Notes for project investment
     3. Notes for production and development
     4. Notes for sales
     5. Basic conclusion on industrial analysis
     6. Basic framework of feasibility report of project investment

    Chapter ‡ Strategic proposal and key conclusions of this report
     1. Key conclusions and opinions of this report
     2. Exclusive strategic proposal provided by Chinacir
      2.1 From the macroscopic point of view
      2.2 From the midscopic point of view
      2.3 From the enterprise microscopic point of view

    ‐Charts Menu/

    [Chart] Structure chart of Monitors industrial chains
    [Chart] Demand structure of the downstream market of Monitors industry
    [Chart] Distribution of the downstream market of China Monitors industry in 2007
    [Chart] Product quality standard of Monitors industry
    [Chart] Price of some Monitors products
    [Chart] Michael Porter¨s Five Forces Model on Monitors industrial environment
    [Chart] Production history of foreign Monitors products in 2007-2008
    [Chart] Forecast production of foreign Monitors products in 2009-2010
    [Chart] Production history of domestic Monitors products in 2007-2008
    [Chart] Production utilization of China Monitors industry in 2007-2008
    [Chart] Domestic sales of Monitors industry in 2008
    [Chart] Forecast production of domestic Monitors in 2009-2010
    [Chart] Forecast consumption of domestic Monitors in 2009-2010
    [Chart] Supply & demand history of China Monitors in 2007-2008
    [Chart] Comparative chart of domestic market share of various business models in 2008
    [Chart] Forecast supply & demand of China Monitors industry in 2009-2010
    [Chart] Price influence comparison of different factors of China Monitors market in 2008
    [Chart] Forecast of import volume of China Monitors in 2009-2010
    [Chart] Forecast of export volume of China Monitors in 2009-2010
    [Chart] Price movement of the upstream material of China Monitors in 2009-2010
    [Chart] Price movement of the upstream material of Monitors in 2008
    [Chart] Forecast price of the upstream material of China Monitors in 2009-2010