Research Report on China Acid Dyes New Technology, 2009-2010

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[Contents and outline of the report]

    ¡¾The background and conceive of this report¡¿

    In the context of accelerated development of global chemical industry, China¡¯s chemical industry, as an important element of the global industry, also enjoys a rapid development ¨C Since 2008, with the fast growth of domestic economy, the importance of chemical industry becomes more and more apparent. We should, however, still be fully aware that by the year of 2009, the impact of global financial crisis on China will inevitably be intensified as a result of China¡¯s integration with the global economy. Chemical will be the most seriously affected industry as one of the leading industries in the crisis. This study is based on the opportunities and challenges faced by the chemical industry against this particular development background. The analysis of this report is processing in accordance with the following thoughts:

    Analysis on the external associated factors of the industry
    •The current situation and forecast of market development, market scale, competitors, entry barriers, market capacity, relative policies, laws and regulations, technology standards, etc.
    •Analysis and forecast of supply & demand, analysis on the upstream and downstream industry, extension of the industrial chains, forecast of price movement & analysis on influence factors, import & export, etc.

    Enterprise analysis and technology studies
    •Experience learning from the model enterprise within the industry, competitor monitoring, analysis on enterprise competitive landscape, analysis on regional market research.
    •Progress in production technology and technique, reaction principle, process flows, technological process, reaction mechanism, side reaction and precautions, development and research of new technology & present situation for business application.

    Research conclusions and strategic proposals
    •The main research conclusions of this report are based on the combination of quantitative analysis on massive data and opinions from professionals within the industry.
    •Provide exclusive strategic proposals and instructive suggestions on the development, research and application of technology, extension of industrial chains, project investment, production and sales, etc.

    Based on massive research data and authoritative documents, this report is a useful reference which can help enterprises and relative government sectors get a comprehensive understanding of the current development and prospect of Acid Dyes industry.

    ¡¾Text Contents¡¿

    Chapter ¢ñ Introduction of Acid Dyes and relative technical standards
    ¡¡1. Introduction of Acid Dyes products
    ¡¡2. Physicochemical property of Acid Dyes
    ¡¡3. Package, transport, storage and relevant regulations of Acid Dyes
    ¡¡4. Utility and application fields of Acid Dyes

    Chapter ¢ò Analysis on key factors of China Acid Dyes market development
    ¡¡1. Analysis on Acid Dyes market scale (Data updates to 2008)
    ¡¡2. Composition of main competitors in Acid Dyes market
    ¡¡3. Analysis on the political, economic, legal and technological environment of Acid Dyes market
    ¡¡4. Analysis on the driving factors of Acid Dyes market
    ¡¡5. Analysis on the impact of global financial crisis on the development of Acid Dyes industry in 2009
    ¡¡¡¡5.1 Analysis on the influence on Acid Dyes industry
    ¡¡¡¡5.2 Analysis on the influence on the upstream and downstream industry of Acid Dyes
    ¡¡¡¡5.3 Analysis on the influence on Acid Dyes prices

    Chapter ¢ó Analysis on global Acid Dyes market (Data updates to 2008)
    ¡¡1. Analysis on key areas of Acid Dyes market worldwide
    ¡¡2. Analysis on main consumer market of Acid Dyes
    ¡¡3. Analysis on main supply region of Acid Dyes
    ¡¡4. Development characteristics and forecast of global Acid Dyes market

    Chapter ¢ô Analysis on production technology and technology roadmap of Acid Dyes
    ¡¡1. Quality standards of Acid Dyes
    ¡¡2. Comparative analysis on various production methods & its positive and negative aspects of Acid Dyes
    ¡¡3. Production technology and technology trends of Acid Dyes both at home and aboard
    ¡¡¡¡3.1 Introduction of international mainstream production technology
    ¡¡¡¡3.2 Introduction of domestic mainstream production technology
    ¡¡¡¡3.3 Comparative analysis of the international and domestic production technology
    ¡¡4. Research, development and application of the latest Acid Dyes technology both at home and abroad
    ¡¡5. Introduction of main equipment

    Chapter ¢õ Development forecast and analysis of Acid Dyes market quotation in 2008-2009
    ¡¡1. Retrospective analysis on the development of domestic Acid Dyes market
    ¡¡2. Analysis on the competitive landscape of Acid Dyes market
    ¡¡3. Forecast and analysis of Acid Dyes production volume in 2008-2009
    ¡¡4. Forecast and analysis of the demand for Acid Dyes in 2008-2009
    ¡¡5. Analysis on the import and export situation of Acid Dyes in 2008-2009
    ¡¡6. Research on the price of China Acid Dyes in 2008-2009
    ¡¡¡¡6.1 Directions of Acid Dyes price movement
    ¡¡¡¡6.2 Analysis on the influence factors for Acid Dyes price
    ¡¡7. Analysis on the composition of major downstream consumption area of Acid Dyes
    ¡¡¡¡7.1 Introduction of Acid Dyes application
    ¡¡¡¡7.2 Analysis on the downstream consumption area
    ¡¡¡¡7.3 Forecast of the downstream industry development
    ¡¡¡¡7.4 The pattern for demand and the composition of market share

    Chapter ¢ö Analysis on the main model production enterprises both at home and abroad
    1. Introduction of the production enterprises within the industry
    2. Production scale and technology of the main manufacturers
    3. Analysis on financial targets of the main manufacturers
    4. Analysis on the production volume and the demand & supply movement both at home and abroad

    Chapter ¢÷ Statistical analysis on the in construction and proposed projects of China
    ¡¡1. The distribution of main projects
    ¡¡2. The commissioning date of main projects
    ¡¡3. Analysis on the effect of new projects on the production capacity of Acid Dyes industry

    Chapter ¢ø The main research conclusions and market assessment of this report
    ¡¡1. Main assessment and conclusions of Acid Dyes market quotation
    ¡¡2. Analytical judgment on main production technology and process flows of Acid Dyes products
    ¡¡3. Predictive conclusion of the market capacity and the supply & demand situation of Acid Dyes

    Chapter ¢ù Exclusive strategic proposals provided by Chinacir
    ¡¡1. Notes and coping strategies of Acid Dyes technology development
    ¡¡2. Notes and coping strategies of Acid Dyes project investment
    ¡¡3. Industrial chains extension strategy of Acid Dyes
    ¡¡4. Strategic proposals of Acid Dyes marketing and sales
    ¡¡5. Proposals on financial crisis coping strategies for Acid Dyes enterprises in 2009

    ¡¾Charts Menu¡¿

    [Chart] Technical standards of Acid Dyes
    [Chart] Physicochemical property of Acid Dyes
    [Chart] Process flows of Acid Dyes
    [Chart] Structure of Acid Dyes downstream demand areas
    [Chart] Analysis on Acid Dyes market scale in 2008
    [Chart] Structure of driving factors for Acid Dyes market development
    [Chart] Impact of financial crisis on Acid Dyes in 2009
    [Chart] Structure of global Acid Dyes market
    [Chart] Comparison of main production technologies and techniques of Acid Dyes
    [Chart] Analysis and forecast of Acid Dyesproduction volume in 2008-2009
    [Chart] Analysis and forecast of the demand for Acid Dyes in 2008-2009
    [Chart] Import and export situation of Acid Dyes products in 2008
    [Chart] Price movement of China Acid Dyes products in 2008-2009
    [Chart] Statistical data of main manufacturers for Acid Dyes products
    [Chart] Statistics of the in construction and proposed projects of Acid Dyes industry

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