2010 China Coal Industry Research Report

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[Contents and outline of the report]

    Chapter 1 An overview of coal industry
    1.1 The status of China coal resources
    1.1.1 The composition of China coal resources
    1.1.2 The distribution of China coal resources
    1. China coal resources enjoy a wide range of varieties
    2. Quality characteristics of China coal resources
    3. Coal formation period and resource distribution
    1.1.3 Main characteristics of China coal resources
    1. Abundant coal reserves, low per capita hold of resources
    2. Disequilibrium geographic distribution of coal resources
    3. Undesirable distribution of coal resources which varies a lot in variety and quality from region to region
    4. Only few reserves with simple condition are suitable for opencast mining
    1.2 The position and function of coal industry
    1.2.1 The position of coal sector in energy industry
    1.2.2 The relationship between coal and other related industries
    1.2.3 The function of coal industry in national economy
    1. Coal industry is an indispensible part of global economy
    2. Coal industry is the mainstay of China national economy
    3. Policy guidance of China coal industry
    1.3 An overview of international coal market
    1.3.1 International energy structure and coal resource analysis
    1.3.2 Global coal market development overview
    1.4 China coal market structural analysis
    1.4.1 Shanxi
    1.4.2 Inner Mongolia
    1.4.3 Shaanxi
    1.4.4 Henan
    Chapter 2 The overall development situation of coal industry
    2.1 Steady growth in coal output with intense supply situation in some areas
    2.2 The trend of coal price will be "the raise after oring first"
    2.3 China became the net coal export country for the first time in 2009
    2.4 Continuous growth in the fixed assets investment on coal mining and washing
    2.5 Enterprise prosperity index gradually recovered quarter by quarter
    2.6 The demand situation for coal shows a rise after a low position in 2009
    2.7 Inner Mongolia became the largest province for coal production
    2.8 The key emphasis in work is to improve the supply safty of coal resources in 2010
    2.9 Loose and comfortable situation of coal market is likely to be remained in 2010 and M&As is expected to be accelerated
    2.10 Problems facing coal industry during M&As in 2010
    Chapter 3 Hotspot issues of coal industry
    3.1 Policy information
    3.1.1 The State Council decided to reduce the capital ratio of coal and other investment projects
    3.1.2 The State Administration of Coal Mine Safety issued 2010 Coalmining Safety Working Points
    3.1.3 National Reform and Development Commission: Immediate Termination of Examination and Approval of Coal Chemical Project Simply Aiming at Production Expansion for the next 3 years
    3.1.4 Ministry of Finance issued Administrative Measures on Special-fund for Small-coal Mines Regulation
    3.2 Hotspot issues of the industry
    3.2.1 Ministry of Land and Resources recalled the coal mine prospecting right
    3.2.2 National Energy Administration organized and carried out scale-construction work of CBM drainage and utilization in key coal mine areas of China
    3.2.3 National Energy Administration organized and carried out special programs to address safty problems on small coal mine gas
    3.2.4 A coal bed (160m thickness) was found in Shaer lake, Shanshan county, Sinkiang
    3.2.5 The first cooperative project of CLP Group and Zhong Ping Energy Chemical Group started production
    3.2.6 Datong Coal Mine Group and CNOOC together made arrangment on coal-based clean energy
    3.2.7 The State Council adjusted the capital ratio of coal mine fixed assets investment project to 30%
    3.2.8 Coal Mine Regulatory Bureau organized 5 teams to investigate safty problems of state-owned key coal mines
    3.2.9 NDRC and other four ministries and commissions organized and carried out special programs to address safty problems on large-medium sized coal mine gas
    3.2.10 Shaanxi Coal Mine Regulatory Bureau carried out special programs to address safty problems on coal mine gas
    3.2.11 The first national coal mine trade platform approved by the State Council started construction
    3.2.12 Coal price regulation funds started to be collected in Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia
    3.2.13 Guo-Bao Zhang: The number of small coal mines must be controlled within 10,000 by the end of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan"
    3.2.14 PRCDP CBM started production which will provide Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei with clean energy
    3.2.15 NDRC and Bureau of Energy gave positive comments on Shanxi Coal Mine M&As
    3.2.16 The per ton price of thermal coal increased by 30-50 yuan RMB in 2010
    3.2.17 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology introduced the main conflicts and problems existing in coal chemical industry
    3.2.18 Huaneng Group will invest 22 billion to build Sinkiang Huaidong Large-scale Thermal Coal Chemical Base
    3.2.19 China National Coal Group will build a super coal tanker of 200 million tonnage
    3.2.20 Shandong Yanzhou Coal Mining's acquisition of Australia Felix has been approved by NDRC
    Chapter 4 Analysis of the supply and demand situation of coal industry
    4.1 Market supply
    4.1.1 The overall supply situation
    4.1.2 Analysis of coal production
    4.1.3 Capacity analysis of coal industry
    4.1.4 Analysis of the productio and sales of coal products
    4.1.5 Analysis of coal product inventory
    4.1.6 2010 Coal supply forecasting
    4.2 Market demand
    4.2.1 The overall coal consumption and its growth
    4.2.2 Coal consumption structure
    4.2.3 2010 Coal demand forecasting
    4.3 The current consumption situation and demand forecasting of China coal industry
    4.3.1 The current consumption situation of China coal industry
    4.3.2 2010 China coal demand predicted by main coal consumption departments
    4.3.3 2010 China coal demand indirect prediction
    4.3.4 Analysis and conclusions of predictive results
    Chapter 5 Analysis of the market price of China coal industry
    5.1 The overall price situation of China coal industry
    5.1.1 Analysis of the price variations of China coal market
    5.1.2 Analysis of the price relevance between coal and crude oil
    5.1.3 China implemented coal and electricity price linkage mechanism
    5.1.4 Analysis of the market trend of China coal and electricity price
    5.2 Influence factors on coal price variations
    5.2.1 The relationship between supply and demand
    5.2.2 The cost of coal production and transportation
    5.2.3 National regulatory policies on coal industry
    5.2.4 The price of upstream and downstream products
    5.2.5 The price level of international coal market
    5.2.6 Price variations of other energy
    5.3 Analysis of coal price marketization
    5.3.1 Research on the necessity of coal price marketization development
    5.3.2 Brief introduction on the history of the reform of coal price marketization
    5.3.3 Resistance facing the development of coal price marketization
    5.3.4 The pushing effect of national policy on the reform of coal price marketization
    5.3.5 New improvements of coal price marketization development
    5.4 Problems and coping strategies of coal pricing mechanism
    5.4.1 The significance of the reform of coal pricing mechanism
    1. Coal price liberalization means to gradually reduce government interference on market
    2. The main body of coal pricing mechanism shall only be enterprise, the urgent issue at present is how to establish the leading position of coal industry on the market
    3. The main responsibility of the government is to draw up regulations and make judgements
    4. Strengthen macro-control on coal price
    5.4.2 The insufficient and its impact on China coal pricing mechanism
    1. Although coal price remains at a high level but the cost concept is yet to be improved
    2. Non-coal factors pushes coal price, little profits can be gained from this coal price surge
    3. Coal price distortion causes efficiency loss of coal industry, government financial burden becomes more heavier
    4. Unreasonable coal pricing mechanism creates individual wealth, and the government pay the environmental cost
    5.4.3 Related measures on completing thermal coal pricing mechanism
    5.4.4 The determination of coal pricing mechanism shall be based on the market
    Chapter 6 Analysis of the competitive situation of coal industry market
    6.1 Competitive landscape of coal industry
    6.1.1 Competitive environment of coal industry
    1. Macro-environment
    2. Industrial environment
    6.1.2 The international competitiveness of China coal industry
    6.1.3 Analysis of the core competitiveness of China coal enterprises
    6.1.4 Influence factors on market competitivenss of coal products
    1. Brand
    2. Credibility
    3. Price
    6.2 Characteristics of coal market competition
    6.2.1 The contents of competition shifts from market occupation to resource occupation
    6.2.2 The rivlas shifts from large and small coal mines to large-scale coal enterprises
    6.2.3 The competitive form shifts from identity to substitutability
    6.2.4 The competitive pattern shifts from solo play to associated competition
    6.2.5 The competitive result shifts from benefits of coal industry to mutual benefits
    6.3 Research on over competition of China coal industry
    6.3.1 The over competition situation and performance judgement of coal industry
    6.3.2 Analysis of the causes of China coal industry over competition
    6.3.3 Analysis of the harms of coal industry over competition
    6.3.4 Several coping strategies on coal industry over competition
    Chapter 7 Research on coal sub-industries
    7.1 The general situation and utilization of coal gangue
    7.1.1 The emission of coal gangue
    7.1.2 The significance of coal gangue comprehensive utilization
    1. Protect agricultural land and reduce occupation
    2. Reduce air pollution and ground water pollution in mining area
    3. Change the old image of coal mine, develop new industries in mining area
    4. Promote industry transfer and re-employment
    7.1.3 Applications of coal gangue
    1. The application of coal gangue in cement industry
    2. The application of coal gangue in bricks & sanitary ceramics industry
    3. Other applications of coal gangue
    7.1.4 Market forecast and cost analysis of coal gangue baked brick market
    7.1.5 Feasibility analysis of coal gangue power generation
    7.1.6 Strategic proposals on the sustainable development of coal gangue power plant
    7.2 The current application situation and prospect of CBM development
    7.2.1 The general situation of China CBM resource
    7.2.2 The position of CBM in China energy resources
    7.2.3 The current development and utilization situation of China CBM
    7.2.4 " West-East natural gas transmission " project brought opportunities for CBM development
    7.2.5 The advantages and challenges facing China CBM development
    7.2.6 Coping strategies and proposals
    1. Exploration
    2. Cooperation with overseas partners
    3. Development and utilization
    4. Scientific technology
    7.3 The current comprehensive utilization situation and development trend of flyash
    7.3.1 The development and application situation of flyash
    7.3.2 The main application ways and evaluation on China flyash at present
    7.4 The general situation and development trend of China coal chemical industry
    7.4.1 The general development situation of coal chemical industry
    7.4.2 Demand and characteristics of coal chemical industry development
    1. Policy orientation of the development of modern coal chemical industry of China
    2. Matters concerned in coal chemcial industry development under the new trend
    7.4.3 The development opportunities and development trend of coal chemical industry
    Chapter 8 The operational status of domestic key coal enterprise
    8.1 China Shenhua Energy
    1. Company profile
    2. Operational status
    3. Latest dynamic
    4. Future development prospect and strategy
    8.2 China Coal Energy Company
    1. Company profile
    2. Operational status
    3. Latest dynamic
    4. Future development prospect and strategy
    8.3 Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited
    1. Company profile
    2. Operational status
    3. Latest dynamic
    4. Future development prospect and strategy
    8.4 Kailuan Energy Chemcial Co., Ltd.
    1. Company profile
    2. Operational status
    3. Latest dynamic
    4. Future development prospect and strategy
    8.5 Datong Coal Industry Co., Ltd.
    1. Company profile
    2. Operational status
    3. Latest dynamic
    4. Future development prospect and strategy
    8.6 Shanxi Lu'an Environmental Energy Development Co. Ltd.
    1. Company profile
    2. Operational status
    3. Latest dynamic
    4. Future development prospect and strategy
    Chapter 9 Strategic research on improving the competitiveness of China coal enterprises
    9.1 Main influence factors on coal industry development
    1. Several favorable factors on coal market operation
    2. Several adverse factors on coal market operation
    9.2 Coping strategy on coal industry development
    1. Strengthen the planning and management, complete the development and regulatory system of coal resource
    2. Reasonablely carry out development and utilization on coal resources
    3. Vigorously build up coal group
    4. Correctly lead the healthy development of small coal mines
    5. Speed up structural adjustment and strengthen coal supply system
    6. Strengthen comprehensive utilization and environment management, establish coal cycle economic system
    9.3 Proposals on improving the competitiveness of coal industry
    1. Strengthen competitive edge is the only way for China coal industry
    2. Improve the market competitiveness of state-owned coal mines
    (1) Three ways for state-owned coal mines to improve their market competitiveness
    (2) Three supporting points for state-owned coal mines to keep a foothold on the market
    3. Lead a development path of new industrialization
    4. Ten major strategic problems on establishing large-scale coal groups
    9.4 Experience learning from overseas advanced companies and its significance on the establishment of China large-scale coal groups
    Chapter 10 The development prospect and trend analysis of coal industry
    10.1 Future policy orientation of China energy industry
    1. China energy policy since the reform and opening up
    2. The main policy trend of China energy industry during the ¡°Twelfth Five-Year Plan¡±
    10.2 Development forecast on China coal market
    1. 2010 Supply and demand outlook of China coal market
    2. 2010 Forecast on the net import volume of China coal industry
    (1) The import volume of coal will continue to increase
    (2) The export volume of coal may drop
    3. Analysis of the development trend of China coal market
    4. Huge space for the development of China coal industry
    10.3 The prospect and trend of coal technological development
    1. The development and utilization trend of coal resources in the future
    2. Analysis on the development prospect of domestic coal gasification
    3. Clean coal will be the development trend of coal industry
    4. Brief introduction on the development trend of modern coal gasification technology
    10.4 Coal industry development planning during the ¡°Twelfth Five-Year Plan¡±
    1. Industry integration is the principle line of the ¡°Twelfth Five-Year Plan¡± of coal industry
    2. The top priority of coal industry during the ¡°Twelfth Five-Year Plan¡± : Reduce production and close down
    3. The ¡°Twelfth Five-Year Plan¡± of coal industry will change the supply and demand situation
    Chapter 11 Analysis of and proposal on coal industry investment
    11.1 Summary on China coal industry financing
    1. Foreign capitals compete to invest in China coal industry
    2. Review on the reform of China coal industry investment system
    3. Research on the financing system and method of coal industry
    11.2 Investment situation of China coal industry
    1. The fixed assets investment of China coal industry continue to increase
    2. The increase in fixed assets investment will speed up the development of China coal industry
    3. The investment value of China coal industry becomes obvious
    4. The growth of China coal industry investment maintains high in 2010
    11.3 Investment risks and prevention measures
    1. Analysis of the potential crisis of China coal industry
    2. The potential risk of China coal industry increases
    3. The risks and prevention measures of international extension strategy of coal industry
    (1) Characteristics of overseas investment risks of coal project
    (2) The composition and classification of overseas investment risks of coal project
    (3) Prevention measures on the international business risks of coal enterprises
    11.4 Exclusive investment proposals provided by Chinacir
    1. Basic judgment
    2. Risk tips