2010 China Petrochemical Industry Research Report

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[Contents and outline of the report]

    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1 An overview of petrochemical industry
    1.1 The definition and development of petrochemical industry
    1.1.1 The definition of petrochemical industry
    1.1.2 The effect of petrochemical industry in national economy
    1.1.3 The development of petrochemical industry needs supports from various industries
    1.2 Safety evaluation on petrochemical industry
    1.2.1 Production characteristics of petrochemical industry
    1.2.2 Key points in the safty evaluation on petrochemical industry
    1.2.3 The basic idea of safty control on petrochemical production equipments
    Chapter 2 2009 Market analysis on China petrochemical industry
    2.1 2009 Analysis of the total output of petrochemcial industry
    2.2 2009 Analysis of the supply and demand of petrochemical products
    2.2.1 2009 Analysis of the relationship between supply and demand of China nitrogenous fertilizer market
    2.2.2 Analysis of the demand situation of China potash fertilizer market
    2.3 2009 Sales situation of product oil
    2.4 2009 Analysis of the import and export situation of petrochemical products
    2.4.1 Analysis of the import situation of crude oil
    2.4.2 Analysis of the export situation of gasoline
    2.4.3 Analysis of the import situation and future market situation of fuel oil
    2.4.4 Analysis of the import and export situation of plastic products
    2.4.5 Analysis of the YoY growth of the import volume of pesticides
    2.4.6 Analysis of the import and export situation of China phosphate fertilizer industry market
    Chapter 3 Analysis of the operational status of petrochemical industry
    3.1 Analysis of the current development situation of China petrochemical industry
    3.1.1 2009 Analysis of the economic operation of China petrochemical industry
    1. A relatively rapid growth has been achieved in chemical industry
    2. The supply and demand of energy market is basically stable
    3. Strength support of agricultural products with a stable price with a slight decline
    4. Large export volume in rubber products which suffer a lot from the financial crisis
    5. Industrial structure is changing quietly
    6. New progress has been achieved in new coal chemical industry
    3.1.2 Digitization is the future development trend of petrochemical industry
    1. Remarkable benefits in automation support system
    2. Information sharing has been strengthened by digitization
    3.2 Comparative analysis of the cyclic economy of petrochemical industry
    3.2.1 The forming and development history of China cyclic economy
    3.2.2 Petrochemical industry is the key point of China cyclic economy
    3.2.3 Analysis of China petrochemical cyclic economy
    3.2.4 Analysis of domestic and overseas petrochemical cyclic economic model
    3.2.5 Analysis of coping strategies of petrochemical enterprises' cyclic economy
    3.2.6 Analysis of the acting point for petrochemical industry to develop cyclic economy
    3.3 2009 Explaination on petrochemical industry rejuvenation plan
    3.3.1 Strategic planning on petrochemical industry overall upgrading is settled down
    3.3.2 Background for the promulgation of petrochemical industry adjustment and rejuvenation plan
    3.3.3 The three highlighs of petrochemical rejuvenation plan reveal its strategic significance
    3.3.4 2009 Two supporting documents of petrochemcial rejuvenation plan have been issued
    3.4 The influence of other related policies on petrochemical industry
    3.4.1 Analysis of the influence of the implementation of Act REACH on petrochemical industry
    3.4.2 Guidelines for Sience and Technology development leads the development of petrochemcial industry
    3.4.3 Exchange rate adjustment has influence on China petrochemical industry
    3.5 Challenges facing China petrochemical industry
    3.5.1 Existing problems in the sustainable development of China petrochemical industry
    3.5.2 Conflicts facing the development of China petrochemical industry
    3.5.3 Informatization construction of China petrochemical enterprises
    1. Informatization construction of petrochemical enterprises is yet to be completed
    2. Suggestions for the informatization construction of enterprises
    3.6 Coping strategies on the development of China petrochemical industry
    3.6.1 Coping strategies and suggestions on the development of China petrochemical industry
    3.6.2 Key points that need to be empahsised in the development of China petrochemical industry
    3.6.3 New fields of petrochemical industry need to be explored in the crisis
    3.6.4 Coping strategies for petrochemical industry in the post-financial crisis era
    Chapter 4 Analysis of petrochemical raw material industry market
    4.1 An overview of petrochemical industry
    4.1.1 Development history of China petrochemcial industry
    4.1.2 2009 Domestic oil consumption and trading situation
    4.1.3 2009 Investment situation of China oil industry
    4.1.4 Several problems in China oil industry that need to be carefully considered
    4.1.5 China oil industry shall follow the path of scientific development
    4.1.6 Key technologies that need to be paid attention to in the development of China oil industry
    4.2 Analysis of natural gas industry
    4.2.1 Development overview of China natural gas industry
    4.2.2 Characteristics of and influence factors on China natural gas market
    4.2.3 Analysis of the development situation of China natural gas exploration
    4.2.4 2009 Analysis of domestic natural gas consumption
    4.2.5 2009 Analysis of natural gas output in main provinces and all over China
    4.2.6 Existing problems in the pricing mechanism of domestic natural gas industry
    1. Too much government intervention, the pricing mechanism of natural gas can not adapt well to the rapid development of natural gas industry at present
    2. The relationship between alternative energy and environmental cost has not been straightening out
    3. Single pricing mechanism, insensetive to the variations of supply and demand
    4.2.7 Development strategies of domestic natural gas industry
    4.3 Analysis of oil and gas market
    4.3.1 Development overview of China oil and gas industry during recent years
    4.3.2 The price of global oil and gas resources goes down, China will increase import volume
    4.3.3 2010 Development trend of domestic oil and gas market
    Chapter 5 2010 Analysis of petrochemical synthetic material industry market
    5.1 2009 Data analysis of synthetic material manufacturers
    5.2 Synthetic resin
    5.2.1 Characteristics of China synthetic resin industry
    5.2.2 A review on domestic synthetic resin
    5.2.3 Analysis of the interaction between the price of synthetic resin and crude oil
    5.2.4 2009 Analysis of the development situation of China synthetic resin industry
    5.3 Synthetic fiber
    5.3.1 Ranking of synthetic fiber manufactured by different countries
    5.3.2 Development overview of China synthetic fiber industry
    5.3.3 2010 An overview of the import of domestic textile synthetic fiber
    5.3.4 Characteristics of the future market of China synthetic fiber industry
    5.4 Synthetic rubber
    5.4.1 An introduction to the production capacity of international synthetic rubber
    5.4.2 An overview on the production capacity of China synthetic rubber
    5.4.3 2009 Import of synthetic rubber
    5.4.4 Analysis of the influence factors on sythetic rubber market price
    1. The fundamental of supply and demand is the main influence factor on price
    2. Raw materials cost, the price trend of main raw material - bivinyl - is the major influence factor on price
    3. The price of natural rubber has a certain influence on the price of synthetic rubber
    4. Variations in crude oil price have an influence on the price of synthetic rubber
    5.4.5 China's synthetic rubber industry becomes increasingly competitive
    1. Favorable conditions
    2. Constraints
    5.4.6 New products and technical trend analysis of domestic synthetic rubber industry
    1. high performance and function of general rubber products
    2. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly characteristics of synthesis technique
    3. Multifunction and high productivity of production equipments
    5.4.7 Vast development prospects for China's synthetic rubber industry
    5.4.8 Proposals on restructuring of domestic synthetic rubber products
    1. Accelerate the construction of halogenated butyl rubber and isoprene rubber devices and produce marketable products ASAP
    2. Strive to make technological breakthrough of ethylene-propylene rubber and solution styrene butadiene rubber, increase production while improving product quality to meet market demand
    3. Appropriately develop rare earth butadiene rubber to meet market demand
    4. Control SBS capacity-building, moderately increase the production of SIS, SEPS and other products
    5. Strengthen the R&D of styrene butadiene rubber brand to meet market demand
    Chapter 6 Import & export analysis of China's petrochemical industry
    6.1 Analysis of China's imports of petroleum products
    6.1.1 Analysis of total import volume in 2009
    6.1.2 Analysis of the import structure in 2010
    6.1.3 Analysis of the import area in 2010
    6.2 Analysis of China's exports of petroleum products
    6.2.1 Analysis of total export volume in 2009
    6.2.2 Analysis of the export structure in 2010
    6.2.3 Analysis of the export area in 2010
    6.3 Forecast on the import and export of China's petroleum products
    Chapter 7 Competitive structure and strategies of petrochemical industry
    7.1 Analysis of Industry competitive structure
    7.1.1 Competition among existing enterprises
    7.1.2 Analysis of potential entrants
    7.1.3 Analysis of the threat of substitutes
    7.1.4 Analysis of the bargaining power of suppliers
    7.1.5 Analysis of the bargaining power of customers
    7.2 Industry concentration analysis
    7.2.1 The concentration of petrochemical industries urgently needs to be improved
    7.2.2 Improve the concentration is the future trend of petrochemical industry
    7.2.3 Analysis of regional concentration
    7.3 Comparison of the international competitiveness of the industry
    7.3.1 Production Factors
    7.3.2 Demand
    7.3.3 Support and related industries
    7.3.4 Enterprise strategy, structure and competition status
    7.4 Analysis of the competitiveness of the major sub-sectors of petrochemical industry in 2010
    7.4.1 Petrochemical industry with the best profit range
    7.4.2 The feast of fine organic chemicals
    7.4.3 Employment will ensure the sustainable growth of textile chemicals
    7.4.4 High polymer material with a wide range of application
    7.4.5 Phosphorus chemical industryhas with resource advantage
    7.4.6 Expectations of agricultural products under the policy of direct subsidy
    7.4.7 Civil explosive sector that is possible to outbreak
    7.4.8 Chlor-alkali and other high-energy-costing industries with growth stage and transactional opportunities
    7.5 Analysis of the competitive strategies of petrochemical enterprises
    7.5.1 Analysis of the growth potential of petrochemical industry in 2010
    7.5.2 Analysis of main varieties with potential of petrochemical industry in 2010
    7.5.3 Analysis of the competitive strategy of existing petrochemical products
    7.5.4 Selection of competitive strategies of petrochemical products with potential
    7.5.5 Analysis of the competitive strategy of typical enterprises' products
    Chapter 8 Operational status of domestic key enterprises
    8.1 SINOPEC
    8.1.1 Company profile
    8.1.2 Performance growth is driven high by three composite materials
    8.1.3 Analysis of the operational status of SINOPEC in 2009
    8.2 Shanghai Petrochemical
    8.2.1 Company profile
    8.2.2 Analysis of the operational status of Shanghai Petrochemical in 2009
    8.2.3 Company's development planning in 2010
    8.3 Sanyou Chemical Industries
    8.3.1 Company profile
    8.3.2 Company's strength
    8.3.3 Analysis of the operational status of Sanyou Chemical Industries in 2009
    8.3.4 Development strategies of Sanyou Chemical Industries
    8.4 Sichuan Lutianhua
    8.4.1 Company profile
    8.4.2 Operational status of Sichuan Lutianhua in 2009
    8.4.3 Company's development strategy in 2010
    1. Development strategy
    2. Development opportunities and challenges
    3. Business plan in the new year
    Chapter 9 Analysis of the development prospects of petrochemical industry
    9.1 The future of the world's petrochemical industry
    9.1.1 Analysis of the global petrochemical industry market
    9.1.2 Future development trends of global petrochemical industry
    9.1.3 Development outlook of global petrochemical industry in the next few years
    9.1.4 The recovery of global petrochemical industry will be postponed to 2014
    9.2 Outlook of China's petrochemical industry
    9.2.1 Development situation of China's petrochemical industry in the next 3-5 years
    1. To improve the degree of concentration is the development trend of petrochemical industry
    2. It is difficult to establish a relatively independent public management network for petrochemical industry
    3. Petrochemical industry will greatly benefit from the turnaround of macro-economy
    9.2.2 China's petrochemical industry will strive to promote the development of circular economy in the future
    1. The trend of international heavy chemical industry transfer
    2. Problems
    3. The urgency and constraints of circular economy development of petrochemical industry
    4. The idea of circular economy development of petrochemical industry
    9.2.3 Thoughts on the future development of China's petrochemical industry
    1. The changes in domestic and international economic environment cause a increasing uncertainty in the growth of petrochemical industry
    2. The future price trend of crude oil is the largest variable that determines the growth of petrochemical industry in the future
    3. The adjustment of macro-control policies gives a certain support to the growth of chemical industry
    4. The restructuring of chemical industry will be accelerated
    Chapter 10 Development strateg of petrochemical industry
    10.1 New trends of the development and business of petroleum and petrochemical companies
    10.1.1 Development strategy of China's petroleum companies
    1. Innovation international business development model
    2. Accelerate the development of offshore oil, unconventional oil and gas resources and new energy businesses
    3. Accelerate the technological upgrading and innovation capacity
    4. Actively strive for the supporting policies of the country on the development of petroleum companies
    10.1.2 New security management initiatives of petrochemical enterprises under new situations
    1. Guidelines
    2. Specific initiatives
    10.1.3 New trend of the business development strategy of the world's petroleum and petrochemical companies
    10.2 Risk Management capacity on the risk of oil price of China's petrochemical industry has been enhanced
    10.2.1 To develop oil derivatives market is the advanced experience of western countries
    10.2.2 Basic measures on China's oil price risk management
    1. Long-term tool
    2. Options tool
    10.2.3 Strengthen the supervision of derivatives markets
    10.2.4 International oil price risk management
    10.3 China's large petroleum and petrochemical companies must be merged into regional economic
    10.3.1 China Petroleum and Petrochemical large enterprises are facing a good opportunity for regional economic development
    10.3.2 The basic idea of merging into regional economic development
    10.4 Development Strategy of China's oil companies
    10.4.1 The necessity of oil companies to strengthen their strategic management
    1. To strengthen the strategic management of oil companies is their own development needs
    2. To strengthen the strategic management of oil companies is to protect the needs of national oil security
    3. To enhance the strategic management of oil companies is to fulfill the social responsibility of oil companies
    10.4.2 Factors affecting the forming of the development strategy of China's oil companies
    1. External factors
    2. Internal factors
    10.4.3 Establish a rational strategic system for the development of oil enterprises
    1. Optimize the integration strategy
    2. Perfect the "going out" strategy
    3. Strengthen the nuclear strategy
    4. Implement the strategic alliance strategy
    5. Implement the brand strategy
    6. Implement the sustainable development strategy
    10.5 Strategies for petrochemical sales enterprises to improve market share and achieve maximum benefit
    10.5.1 Improve the direct sale ratio of products
    10.5.2 Achieve maximum benefit
    10.5.3 Products transfer to market with high liquidity
    10.5.4 Adopt flexible promotions to expand sales
    10.5.5 Increase market awareness of service and develop potential users
    10.5.6 Establish brand effect and increase market dominance
    Chapter 11 petrochemical industry investment analysis and proposals
    11.1 Analysis of the investment in petrochemical industry in 2010
    11.1.1 The overall investment and structure in 2009
    11.1.2 The scale of investment in 2009
    11.1.3 Investment analysis in 2009, economic type wise
    11.1.4 Investment analysis in 2009, industry wise
    11.1.5 Investment analysis in 2009, region wise
    11.1.6 Investment forecast in 2010
    11.2 Analysis of the investment environment of petrochemical industry
    11.2.1 The policy environment of petrochemical industry in 2010
    11.2.2 Analysis of the development of social environment in 2010
    11.3 Analysis of the investment risks of petrochemical industry
    11.3.1 Risk of raw materials
    11.3.2 Risk of import policy
    11.3.3 Risk of competition
    11.3.4 Risk of anti-dumping
    11.4 Research on the investment strategy of petrochemical industry
    11.4.1 Strategic thinking on China's petrochemical brand
    1. Establish brand awareness and draw up sustainable brand development strategies
    2. Combine the implementation of brand strategy with building up China's petrochemical brands
    11.4.2 Research on the investment strategy of petrochemical industry
    1. Investment opportunities in the increase of crude oil price
    2. The concept of natural gas
    3. The influence of stock index futures
    11.5 Investment proposals provided by Chinacir
    11.5.1 New polymer materials industry will have a promising future all the year by annual strategic perspective
    11.5.2 Track the excess capacity in the downstream industry by annual strategic perspective
    11.5.3 Recognize resources under the context of inflation by annual strategic perspective
    11.5.4 Correctly understand the export and consumption
    11.5.5 Grasp investment opportunities in restructuring by annual strategic perspective
    11.5.6 Pay attention to companies of expanded production capacity by annual strategic perspective