How to avoid risks in online buying?

Nowadays, hundreds of domestic sales websites for research report are available on the internet, while very few of them have strong research competence or good business reputation. Customer fraud can always be found in some websites (e.g. No report or incomplete products received after payment, apparent discrepancy between the report contents received and the original table of contents, no authoritative data sources, irrelevant conclusions, etc.).

We suggest you to verify ICP record number, company registration information, company address, account information and telephone number (whether or not a fixed telephone number) of the website before placing order to avoid fraud.

As an advanced, professional and authoritative sales platform for research report in China, Chinacir ( usually adopts three modes of purchasing: On-line order, telephone order and on-site purchasing. We provide various contact ways on our website for you to make a convenient choice. If there¡¯s any problem before your placing order, please call our customer service centre at 86-010-82252636 / 82251565 for a specific solution.

We have a complete customer management system, and will carry out strict management on customer information to guarantee the utmost confidentiality.