Why is Chinacir's report price higher than other companies?

The value of industrial research report is mainly embodied in data support function and guidance function for decision-maker. Misguide that false data or conclusion brings are likely to cause wrong decision of decision makers which is fatal to the future development of enterprises. Therefore the value of an industrial report is mainly reflected in the accuracy of data and scientificity of research opinion. Every single report compiled by Chinacir must pass through repeated and rigorous verification in aspects of data sources, information channels, timeliness and authority of data. Therefore, only those predictive conclusions on basis of accurate data and scientific research methods have value for reference in decision-making.

As it can be seen from the internet, table of contents of research reports compiled by various companies are largely identical with only minor differences, but the differences between specific contents, data, viewpoints, conclusions and strategic proposals of each research report are great. We prefer to withhold our judgments on other market research companies, but to speak the truth, the only reason that supports our consistent principle of high quality, high price and high return and our leading position is that we are always full of confidence on our product quality.