What are the features of Chinacir's customized service?

The basis of continuous data research

Our high-quality customized research reports are based on continuous research data of China Statistical Yearbook (10 years), China Industry Database (10 years), China Corporate Finance Database, CHINACIR-Database and reference of primary research data.

The support of advanced research techniques and channels

The advanced research product ĘC CeirSurvey ĘC invented by Chinacir can efficiently execute market research programs and perform professional quantitative data analysis function, and we have a wide range of research channels all over China and scientific research method as well as accurate research data which can guarantee the quality of our customized research report.

Authoritative expert and consultant team

We are the member of the research group of China Economic Report of the Development Research Centre of the State Council. Our strong expert team composing of hundreds of domestic experts in various fields that coming from think-tank of the Development Research Centre of the State Council and the research group of China Economic Report are the authoritative guarantees for our customized research.

Professional research analysis model

Standardized, efficient, convenient and simple operations can be achieved by researches on competitors, market share, marketing channels, the upstream and downstream of industrial chains and pre-investment surveys as well as multi-disciplinary research models which create conditions for enterprises to improve product quality and enhance competitiveness.

Many years of customer service experiences

We provide customized research services to nearly a thousand of customers, including government decision-making departments, research academies, enterprise strategic and finance departments, venture capitals and consulting companies. Our extensive experiences of customer service enable us to provide services closer to your specific needs.