What are the advantages and features of Chinacir's service?

1. Many years accumulation of industrial research experiences

Chinacir has many years accumulation of industrial research experiences and has been carrying on tracking research on 100+ key industries.

2. Authoritative expert and consultant team

Chinacir has the most authoritative expert and consultant team that composing of officials of government agencies, well-known scholars of scientific research universities, front-line seniors of industrial associations or enterprises in China who have been carrying out many years of in-depth analysis on their specialized field. Those experts or consultants carry out comprehensive, systematic and in-depth analysis and forecast of many industries which are the authoritative reference for relevant industries.

3. Professional consulting team

Chinacir has set up 80+ segmented industrial research and consulting departments by Jul. 2009, and each principal of department has 4+3 years of working experiences within the industry (4 years of factory working experiences and 3+ years of investment, industrial research, finance, consulting working experiences).

4. Rigorous quality assurance system

We do not adopt loosely cooperation model of affiliate or partnership in order to guarantee the quality of our consulting service; We guarantee that each project will be executed 100% by Chinacir¡¯s consulting team; We have never outsourced any consulting project to other agency. The above mentioned contents can guarantee 100% the service quality and continuity of Chinacir which are important for our customers, for the duration of most projects lasts at least 6 months and the data and latest direction of policy regulation has to be updated during this period.

5. Comprehensive and accurate database

Database is the result of our many years accumulation of industrial research. We have accumulated industry data of 3000+ segmented industries in 10 consecutive years which help building up our own database ¨C CHINACIR-DATA ¨C in Jul. 2008. CHINACIR-DATA is the most comprehensive, systematic and accurate database system within the industry in China and we have always been updating the database with the latest information. There is always an accurate industrial forecast model which supports Chinacir¡¯s industrial forecast report, e.g. the quarterly report on power industry is supported by power demand model with 99% accuracy.

7. Rigorous and scientific research tools

In seeking to provide customer our specialized services, we adopt research method of quantitative research combined with qualitative research and professional research model in the process of project execution, such as SWOT analysis, Boston Matrix Analysis, Porter's five competitive forces, Lorenz Curve, etc.; Accurate data analysis, such as correlation analysis, variance analysis, multidimensional scaling, cluster analysis, factor analysis, etc.; Precise research method, such as method of qualitative research combined with quantitative research, etc.

8. A wide range of research channels

An in-depth segment market report is 90% based on field research and interviews with key person. Chinacir has a specialized Top Interview Department which is responsible for on-the-spot interview with government agencies, management departments, technical research academies and enterprise high level management which guarantee the immediacy, facticity and effectiveness of intelligence acquired by us.

9. Completed model of after-sale services

We are in the position to provide you not only our professional consulting services but also our value added after-sale services, such as free e-journals, industry trend news, market in-depth analysis, industry monthly monitoring report, advertising space and tips on major exhibitions, etc. which enable you to enjoy non-stop services.