How authoritative is Chinacir or what is the position of Chinacir within the industry?

Chinacir is the member of the research group of the Development Research Centre of the State Council and the participant of China Economic Statistical Yearbook. It is one of the most authoritative research institutes in the field of domestic macroeconomic research, industrial research and regional economic research in China. Chinacir undertakes a certain amount of national research projects and the research results will be adopted by the State Council as a reference for decision-making; Chinacir regularly provides industry monitoring research report to Bureau of Economic Operation Regulation and Industry Coordination Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, besides, Chinacir also have long-term cooperation with Sina Finance, Sohu Business Center, Economic Observer, and many other financial medias.

The results of our research projects have won high recognition from Tianjin Municipal Government, China Wangcang County Committee, Changchun High-tech Zone, Beiqi Foton Motor, Baoshan Iron and Steel Group, China Putian Group, China Mobile Beijing Office and 500+ customers.

Chinacir has started to predict the development trend of industries in the foreseeable future and has established ¡®Prediction Model¡¯ system for many industries since 2000.

As an example, the predicted national power consumption is 11.47% in 2003 while the actual consumption is 11.36%, with a difference of 0.11% and an accuracy more than 98%. At present, the arrangements of the import & export and the inventories of diesel oil and petroleum of Sinopec are all based on data provided by ¡®Prediction Model¡¯.

Recently, through cooperation with overseas high-tech research institutes, Chinacir has introduced international new methods to the ¡®Prediction Model¡¯ and created original analysis and prediction model of ¡®China Industry Growth Confidence Index¡¯ as well as established accurate prediction model system of many key industries such as power, petroleum, coal, iron and steel, automobile, etc. The ¡®Analysis and prediction model of China Industry Growth Index¡¯ has been completed and put in to operation, and the result of which proved to be good in practical application. It now has been adopted by the government and enterprise top management as a key reference for their decision-making.