What are the differences of market survey modes between Chinacir and other companies?

Chinacir established market research system through analysis of customer feedback on our market research program and summary of advisory effectiveness as well as many years accumulation of market research experiences. With improvements on each link of our research, Chinacir¡¯s market research model emphasizes on the actual result of research which is closer to the real need of customers. The differences between Chinacir¡¯s market research model and traditional research model are as follows:

Chinacir¡¯s Market Research Model Traditional market research model

We lay emphasis on comparison between primary data acquired from field research and existing data in database. We identify problems from the differences of data. In most cases, potential industrial intelligence always can be acquired in the process of data verification.

Design to acquire data only.
We introduced two-dimensional model of market research plus industrial research. Traditional market research laid emphasis on current analysis and we add future and past analysis to the contents of our industrial research report in order to complete the conclusion. Hard to effectively combine with industry research.
In addition to market investigation and study report, we also provide industrial research report and various e-journals, and we are also in the position to provide our VIP customers with our constant data updating service. Generally provide market investigation and study report only.
Our expert team and enterprise and government top interview department enable us to make exclusive interviews with decision makers of government or enterprise. Interview with mid-level management can be realized. It is hard to realize top interview.
We are in the position to cooperate with enterprises on our national research projects or central projects and our research results are qualified to be published on national core and top class periodicals or authoritative websites. Due to lacking of communication channels with periodicals, this item can not be realized.