What is the composition of Chinacir's research group?

Every report of Chinacir is compiled by industrial research consulting department. The core members of the research group are as follows:

¡¾Expert consulting group with many years of industry development tracking experiences¡¿

Chinacir has an expert consulting group covering various industries. Each member of the group has many years of working experiences within the industry, and has been long-term carrying on authoritative, comprehensive, systematic and in-depth analysis and forecast on their specialized fields.

¡¾Department head with 4+3 working experiences within the industry¡¿

Department head has 4+3 years of working experiences within the industry (4 years of factory working experiences and 3+ years of investment, industrial research, finance and consulting working experiences).

¡¾Enterprise present high level management or front-line veteran within the industry¡¿

Enterprise present high level management has sharp sense to the current development, existing problems and development trends of their specialized fields or their companies. The most actual research of enterprise can be achieved through in-depth interview with present high level management.

¡¾Professional market research and investigation personnel¡¿

Market research and investigation personnel should have multi-disciplinary and high education background as well as professional and vocational skills. The above mentioned personnel always have original views on the channels to acquire data and information.

¡¾Professional data analysis and auditing personnel¡¿

Data analysts with professional background of Statistics or Financial Mathematics will carry out analysis and verification on each data as well as research and feasibility studies on the relevance and continuity of data.